Why Garage Athlete?


Why Garage Athlete?

As a Garage Athlete team member you will gain access to three sessions per day, chose to complete 1,2 or all 3 based on your time, set-up and goals. Sessions can be accessed via our app or on our website. 

1. Engine Session

2. Strength Session

3. Functional Training Session

Perform your training anywhere, anytime – with access to the program via your Garage Athlete log in. Access also now available via an app. You cannot access the app until you have signed up via the website.

Our programming caters for all set-ups: from the basic to the deluxe garage gym, perform at your local affiliate or your local 24hr gym.

All abilities welcome: we are looking for athletes who want to be strong, fit and healthy. Who wish to train hard for themselves!

$2.50 per week includes program and movement library access.