Want to be fit, strong and look good?

Three session options every day:

Perform 1, 2, or all 3 based on your time and goals:

 Functional Fitness Session – Strength Session – Engine Session

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The Garage Athlete is for any individual wanting to be strong, fit, and look good.

Our program caters to individuals who have the mentality of an athlete but don’t have the countless hours to train.

We take into account every garage situation whether you have the deluxe set-up, or limited equipment options, by providing realistic subs for each session.

Every day has three session options:

1. Engine

2. Strength

3. Functional fitness.

You can complete one, two or all three of these sessions based on your time and goals.

Garage Athlete is the brainchild of Jessica Coughlan and the team from RAW Strength and Conditioning.

Train in your garage, studio or local gym.


Become A Garage Athlete

Three Training Options Per Day

Choose to complete session 1, 2, or combine all 3 based on your time, training goals and how you’re feeling.

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Movement videos, tips and tricks

Access our movement video library for movement demonstrations and descriptions. Or visit our blog for training tips, motivation and all things health and fitness related.